Q1. Who are we?

We are a group of students from BVCOE who use Linux, and really like using it.

Q2: Fine, but there are so many groups already, why start another one?

Good question, but you see, this was needed, let us tell you why.
First of all, it's not your standard group, it's a Linux User Group.

We suggest that you go through the wiki. We are here with very particular goals :

  • Encourage the use of Linux amongst the students.

  • Encourage the use of Free and Open Source software in our labs.

So we are really not one-fest-in-one-year types (we are actually no-fests-at-all types, but more on that later), we have a very particular goal, and you are all invited to help and learn.

Q3: That's all fine, but I have never really used anything besides Windows ever, can I join?

To begin with, that's absolutely fine. We will help you in getting started. In fact, installing a parallel Linux distribution is extremely easy these days.
We suggest that you start with Ubuntu. Again, feel free to post any queries at our facebook page. Be assured we'll get back to you.

Q4: Neat, so how do I become a member ?

The reason we require members to follow this seemingly complex procedure (but it is actually quite easy) is that once you have succeeded in adding your name, you will have enough knowledge to start contributing to a lot of projects!

You do that by cloning this repository, adding your name to the file UserList.txt as per the format specifed, committing changes and sending a pull request.phew. sounds strange? Believe us, it's *Very* easy. Start by creating an account at github.com. Once you are all set, you can follow the following steps to become a member.

Assuming that you are on Windows (and About to switch to Ubuntu)

  1. Visit the repository at User-List, find the fork button and click on it.
    A copy of the repository will now be created at your account.

  2. Download and run git-bash

  3. Type in git clone <your repo link>

  4. Go to the repository on your computer and open the UserList.txt in your favourite editor.

  5. Do the edits as indicated.

  6. back to git-bash :
    • type : git add
    • type : git commit
    • An editor window will come up ,type Added <YOUR NAME> as a member.
    • type : git push origin master

  7. visit the main repository, User-List, find pull request button and send a pull request.

You are done, we will handle the rest.
If you still run into probelms, post on the forum (link at the top)!

Q5: So will it be all about Linux?

No, lets say it will be all around Linux. It can be anything that you have done using any free utility, any new findings, interesting links, questions, anything relevant.

Q6: Hmmm, so how many members do you guys expect?

To be frank, we don't care.

Q7. You mentioned something about the reddit forum, how do I post on Reddit?

Go to the subreddit and...

  1. Register
  2. Subscribe
  3. On the right side look for 'Submit a Link'. Click it.
  4. To post a text query instead of a link, select 'Text' at the top.
  5. Post away for glory and lulz!
You can start by telling us how awesome you are!

Q8: Don't you think that you guys need a better web designer?

Yes, we do, tell us if you are interested.